Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arthritis and Joint Pain in BJJ

"My arthritic shoulder is killing me from driving it into his face for so long."  Does this ever happen to you?  If so, you are old.
I think everybody has some problems with joint pain and training.  It must just be that us old people feel more pain.

I have been using the following remedies and snake oils:
  • Ibuprofen - easy and effective
  • Hot tub - effectiveness is not important
  • Ice packs - only when its severe or with other issues
  • Tiger balm - my wife hates the smell, saying I smell like an old man...go figure
  • Cherries, juice, extract - I don't know if it does anything, but tastes good
  • Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM - like the cherries, the 2 week delay until they start working makes it harder to judge its effectiveness when combined with other therapies
  • SAM-E - also helps with mental instability
The Mammoth has a great blog post on nutrition to reduce joint inflammation and other problems.

Arthritis and joint pain seem to flare up and subside these days, never really going away.  When I started BJJ, it was a much more of a constant problem or that I am just now more accustomed to having to deal with it.  Now, it is just an inconvenience and annoyance to deal with.


  1. This is the age that affects our joints and muscles with the passage of time but we can not do any thing but to slow the process so that the pain can be controlled and we can do our routine work according to our will. If anyone has the problem so he must consult Physiotherapy North Ryde to have some relief from the experienced therapists.

  2. Tai chi helps...Why? because an injury causes you to "favor" that area. You get used to it, then get "out of balance". Then more inflammation sets in. More inflammation causes surrounding tissue to tighten, thus causing more stress on the area. Tai Chi, with a 20 minute soak daily in a Jacuzzi is the best remedy I've found. I've have Anklosying Spondylitis since I was 20. (I'm now 61) I KNOW PAIN far more intimately than most. Lidocain & Motrin if it's really bad, along with heat and rest. Opioids just mask the pain, and not too well, but you don't care. Actually they do more damage. USMC jiu jitsu (Black Book)