Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daintiest Big Man and Past Gas

I guess that I realize now that I am not just old, I am also a wuss.   400 lb Josh labelled me with, "you are the daintiest big man I have ever rolled with."  To my defense, his comment followed after he flopped on me going into side control.   The reason for his comment is that I make a lot of sound effects.  So much so that I have created a new language:
  • "uhhhh" translates to "your body weight has pounced on my guts, please proceed to another position"
  • "oouchhh" translates to "you have trapped my extremity in a submittable position causing pain, please be alerted to my tapping"
  • "shiiit" translates to "note to self, please keep your elbows and arms inside the vehicle and at your side at all times (or get caught like this once again)"
  • "eeeeh" translates to "that's my jock strap and not my belt, please remove your hand"
  • "(sound of rapid panting)" translates to "I'm going to die, please prepare for stalling tactics"
Actually, last Saturday Andrew was sparring with another and asked mockingly if I was alright.  I said, "you can hear that (panting)."  Sparring partner Josh answered, "the jiu jitsu school in Gainesville can hear you."  Gainesville being 6 miles away.

"How long does it take to get past gassing terribly (when you are old and feeble)?"  I was wondering that myself, as I was having a lot of trouble getting back going after not taking many BJJ classes at the end of last year.  I remember Master Dave saying it takes a week or two.  For the Aged, it took about 5 weeks and I am just starting to feel good with sparring, not yet able to go 100% for 15 minutes.  When I started, it took 3 months.  But, then again, I am the Daintiest Big Man.


  1. As long as you start coming to class on a regular least 2-4 days per will have your cardio back in no time!

    And personally, I am a fan of your sound effects. They are very entertaining during class :)

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