Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ex-soldiers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

At our school, we have a few folks that served in the military.  Given that we are in the States, at least two I know where in Iraq.  One guy, was in his late thirties and in the infantry.  He never really said much about it, just that he was there.  After class, I saw him stretching and wincing.  I asked what the problem was and he said his sciatic nerve.  I asked, if it was from kicking the heavy bag.  He nonchalantly said that it was from Iraq, daily patrols with the weight from ill-fitted body armor, a rucksack and the other gear.  Herniated disks and other various maladies are what he contends with after moving on from that job.

That is such a real sacrifice to have made.  I can't imagine doing that work in my late thirties.  I whine about my physical degradations.  Hence, this blog, but I made choice to do the sports or was just born with clumsiness that has caused my few physical impairments.  These ex-soldiers were working, doing their job, got hurt (or worse) and sucked it up to live with the problems later in their lives.  Problems that they got from doing a job in public service. 

So, in respect and tribute to the servicemen and women on this Memorial Day weekend (oh yeah, its Labor Day weekend...uh, who cares, I always get them confused), OMJJ is thankful and gives this truly amazing fireworks salute.