Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Ten Signs That BJJ Is More Than Just A Hobby

Here are my Top Ten Signs That BJJ Is More Than Just A Hobby:

10. Your laundry area looks like an MMA store.

9. People at work don't bother asking why you have bruises on your face and limbs or have a slight limp.

8. Your wife gives you a curious look when you turn off a BJJ instructional video just before she enters the room (because the background music sounded like an adult entertainment video).

7. You watch BJJ instructional videos more than movies.

6. You get annoyed when people think BJJ is the same as karate/TKD or that you are "training UFC."

5. When you have time to lay in bed in the morning, you think about BJJ techniques instead of work.

4. You thank people for kicking your butt, as just having a good roll.

3. At times, you are more intimate with your ice bag than your wife.

2. You tell people about your BJJ blog.

1. You see the face of Jesus in a bruise on your arm and he tells you to improve your deep half guard.