Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top Ten Comments of Friends and Family to BJJ Injuries

At 44 yo my order of priorities is the opposite of BJJ, Work, Family.  Thus, being injured again (knee this time doing judo) intensifies this dilemna of priorities.  Regarding the injury, dumb-me...I didn't fully warm up and I should have not sparred as my training had been limited at the time.  I also have not done any weight training in over a year, which I think helps protect from injuries (and I have started again).  The worst part of the injury is not the rehab.   Its the wife and workmates essentially calling me an idiot for continuing to train BJJ after having 4 significant injuries in the last 28 months, since I started (that resulted in a surgery and 2-4 months off in each case).  
Now, 3 of the 4 injuries came from my, albeit successfull, use of the seio nage.  Thus, to me, the solution is clear, no more judo and seio nage.  I am inherently clumsy anyways.  Thus, I do not blame the sport.  I also point out to people that I (slightly) injured myself by falling down the stairs twice and kicking a chair playing Kinect in the same 2 year period. 
Other BJJ Over 40's must also be experiencing many more injuries than our younger counterparts.   I will post that question on the BJJ Over 40 facebook group.   For this blog, we focus on the humor of age, injuries and BJJ.  Thus...
OMJJ's Top Ten Comments of Friends and Family to BJJ Injuries
10. You are too old for that (yes, boring comment, but by far the most often heard comment).
9. Did you ever think of taking walks at the mall instead?
8.  For what you get out of it, it can't be worth it... retire!  (a comment from an overweight 300 lb. guy)
7. Do something easier.  What do you have to prove?
6. Your body is not flexible like it used to be.  Your tendons and ligaments are like beef jerky now.
5. Get a grip, your days of glory and competition are over.  (ouch)
4.  You may suffer from arthritis later in life due to that injury. (comment from my new buddy, the orthopaedist...not funny at all)
3. Getting pudgy shows that you are a content father.  You don't need to be in shape like a twenty year old.  (no need to worry about this one, I still look like a content father)
2.  Why don't you be a normal person and buy a sports car or get a mistress and have an affair for your mid-life crisis?  (I tried that, I bought a Camry)
1.  Jiu Jitsu will not make you any younger.
Au contraire...